Friday, September 24, 2010

Loving That Baby!

Things I Love About Baby Bean:

1. The wonderful, fresh-from-the-bathtub baby smell.

2. The feeling of having my arms full with a limp, warm, sleeping baby.

3. Making eye contact and watching his smile light up his entire face.

4. Our little jokes (he loves "The Moon is as Round...")

5. Wearing him in the sleepywrap.

6. The way he "talks" to me in his gentle, cooing voice.

7. His big belly.

8. The way he giggles when I tickle him under the chin.

9. The way he looks with adoration at his big sister.

10. The little denim overalls!

I am just so grateful that I am getting to enjoy him so much! I don't know why it is so different this time. Some would be to do with the fact that he does not have colic the way that Pk did and the fact that while he does wake up to feed, he is a pretty big fan of sleep and I don't spend hours pleading to get him down at night. I suspect that some is that he is just much more easy-going than she was. The fact that I am on great vitamins this time helps and that my mom is retired and we are so busy with visits and programmes, I don't feel like I lack adult contact. I think the biggest part is that having two makes me feel so complete... with Pk, I always knew that it was really important to me that she have a brother or sister (I have nothing against other people having "onlies", I just knew that it wasn't for me). Two children feels more like a complete family to me and it's something that makes me feel so grateful each and every day.

Life is good (despite the bags under my eyes, the fact that I have no clothing that fits and that I feel like I am going in twelve directions at once).


  1. I found it different, too. Partly yes, more sleep and an easier baby helped. But I think partly, too, was the knowledge that I had done this before, and could do it again. It all felt far less stressful and foreign, and even the big things, like feeding, seemed less life-and-death. I just knew I would work it out, one way or another, so I was able to relax more and enjoyed babyhood far more.

    With The Bun, I was thrilled that he was more cuddly than Pumpkinpie, and loved the wild curls and waves of his hair, as well as the chubby cheeks, happy smile, and the tiny toes that always amaze me.

  2. You were so right when you told me it would be different with a boy. I adore my girl and always will and I don't think that Baby Bean is favoured over her but man, can he ever cuddle. I remember thinking that Pk hated me and that she would forever be unhappy - rational thinking, I know, but that's where I was at. With Baby Bean, on the other hand, he lets you KNOW that he adores you. It's nice on the ego.

  3. You too? I find Bram is SO much more cuddly as a baby than M was... and he is SO much more smiley and happy... and just easier in general. M also had colic and it was NO fun! And I agree... the family feels more 'complete' now...