Friday, December 10, 2010

December Daily 13

Today was a wonderful day. Pk went to the sitters and Baby Bean and I had a wonderful time together. I'm not saying that it was great to be rid of Pk (!) but sometimes, it can be really nice for Baby Bean and I to get that special time together. We cuddled, read a few stories, played together and napped. He was all smiles and even allowed me to do my grocery shopping without one word of protest. He even rolled over for the first time that I saw - he has been the king of rolling over when our backs are turned. It was nice to see that we aren't imagining things (I am not a huge watcher of milestones but that's one I have been anxiously waiting for, mostly because I could see that he was so close to it and I was pretty sure that he could do it, he just wasn't very interested).

This evening, we went to see the Christmas lights come on in the nearby big town. Dh was very proud of himself because it was his idea. Usually, I am the one who comes up with the fun places to take the kids but he heard about this on the local Christian radio station and suggested we go. The only problem was that he suggested that we go last weekend and when we got there, nothing was happening :-). No worries, it was fun this week. Pk got to ride on the little train and we got free hot chocolate. They even asked to take our photo for the local paper!This Christmas tree was rather pretty, it was made up entirely of CD's and they reflected the lights of the other displays beautifully.

Pk enjoying her hot chocolate. It's weird but she doesn't like to eat or drink anything hot, everything needs to be cold (which drives me crazy, I am the opposite, I want everything that is supposed to be hot to be HOT) so it took forever to get the hot chocolate to a temperature that she would tolerate.
Sadly, my little camera got left at home and I only had my big Nikon. It's supposed to be a great camera and to do everything automatically but even with the special settings, I get terrible night pictures. It has to be something to do with me and my not setting it properly but I can't seem to get a great night shot. This is the best I could do.
It's going to be a busy weekend and a weekend that's busy with fun, Christmas related things so I hope my next few posts will have lots to share. Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy preparing your hearts and homes for Christmas!


  1. The night picture has a neat look to it actually... and I love that Pk is in a Tim Horton's car - I've been to a TH in Ontario - delish!

  2. The hot chocolate was Tim Horton's, too! You can't go anywhere around here without at least three of time and I much prefer them to Starbucks - it doesn't cost a months' salary to buy a drink!
    The Tim Hortons train is at all the town events and Pk loves it!