Monday, December 6, 2010

December Daily 9

When I was pregnant with Pk, there were three of us at church who were due within a short time. There was a little boy who was born three weeks before Pk, then Pk and then the little guy on the right in these photos. His mother was a huge support to me when I was pregnant, especially when they started talking about doing an induction and I was terrified. They have a daughter who is two years older than Pk and Pk adores her and luckily, Pk adores her, too. They are homeschooling and so their days are often pretty busy but today, they took the day off so that we could come for a visit. It was wonderful! As you can see, they had fun playing together and the mums got a nice chance for a chat and some tea. What a nice way to spend a snowy day!

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