Monday, January 31, 2011

Multitude Monday 142 -

holy experience

Today we registered Pk for kindergarten to begin in September. There are so many feelings that go along with that. I am surprised, as an elementary teacher, I should be easy about doing this but I am finding all of these worries creeping up. While she goes to daycare two days a week, it's a wonderful, nurturing home daycare and while J takes the kids to the park, they are never anywhere that they aren't in her direct sightline. She will take a bus to and from school to daycare and that terrifies me. I have faith that everything will be o.k. but I am surprised at just how anxious I am. On the other hand, I have so much for which to be grateful:

142. I live in a country where there is free, high quality education available for everyone, including our girls
143. there is so much pleasure in learning and I can't wait to discover Pk's passions
144. the warm and welcoming atmosphere of our local school
145. the fact that Pk has made several good friendships with library storytime friends and some of those children will be in her class
146. the wonderful daycare where Pk is loved and kept safe
147. that we remembered all of the forms we needed!
148. our warm home that offers us comfortable and cozy shelter as winter storms approach
149. down duvets
150. hot tea
151. red and pink and hearts, in readiness for Valentines Day
152. the pleasure that I get from knitting, which I am off to do right now!

Enjoy a week of the ability to see how richly you have been blessed!


  1. Every mom I know has worried about school when her child gets there, but I can tell you from experience - it's wonderful. Ppie really bloomed, and just LOVED her JK year, and I know Pk will, too.

  2. It's funny, I am not worried about the actual school part, it's the getting there and back that stresses me out a bit. I'm lucky, Pk was the Roots of Empathy baby in the class of an AMAZING teacher and she's told me she is going to request that Pk goes into her class. If she's in that class, we've got it made.
    I have no doubt that Ppie loved it, she has such an interest in everything and a great imagination!