Saturday, March 19, 2011

Tribute to a Car Seat

Today, we went out and bought a new carseat. Baby Bean has been in the Graco Snugride that we used for Pk. I am embarrassed to say that I had forgotten about the weight limit until a friend had expressed surprise that Baby Bean was still in it a couple of weeks ago. It's only good up to 22 lbs and he must be very, very near that if not over (I'll find out next week when he is at the doctor). We decided that Baby Bean would move into Pk's Britax Marathon Classic that we love and we would move her into a booster (that's a post for another day, I learned SO MUCH about changes in car seats and guidelines in the last few years).

We got the new seats into the car and then had the Graco seat sitting in our hallway. I looked at it and got hit with such a wave of melancholy. I love the fact that I have healthy, growing children but it makes me sad to think that there won't be any more babies from our family to ride in the seat (with its matching stroller). It hasn't been the most incredibly set of baby products (I have never been especially fond of the stroller) but the components have been such a big part of my life, they symbolize a stage of my life that is quickly passing.

Since I can't change things, I thought I would wallow for a minute or two and share some photos of my kids and their seat.

P.K. in the seat (I don't have many pics since I took many of them off the computer and burned them on CD and am too lazy to put them all back on)

The Stroller with P.K.

Baby Bean

Thanks for the memories and for keeping my babies safe in the car!

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  1. such sweet photos! I kinda miss our car seat, too. It's in our basement, waiting for #3... whenever that happens. My lil boy grew out of it back at Christmas! How time flies... sniff.