Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Summer Round-Up

While summer officially lasts until mid-September, in our house, tonight really feels like the end of summer. Given that Dh and I are both teachers and we both go in for staff meetings tomorrow and start teaching next Tuesday, it really feels like it's time to move on. I didn't want to wind up, though, without sharing some of our summer highlights and reviewing my summer list.

Summer Memories of this year:
1. Dancing around the kitchen to "The Siamese Cat Song" from "Lady and the Tramp" (yes, I know, we are not a Disney family but my in-laws are big Disney fans and Pk fell in love during our visit up north).

2. Sitting on the kitchen floor as the kids eat peach after peach (and the clean up of the floor afterwards).

3. Taking Little Bean for his first ice cream (he is a huge fan).

4. Endless long stroller walks to the bridge.

5. Afternoon naps with the sun streaming in the window.

6. Reporting on our weekly reading at the book club at the library.

7. Swim lesson after swim lesson after swim lesson.

8. Homemade souvlaki and tzatziki.

9. Pool party with Pk's best friends.

10. Knitting in the car.

11. Little Bean beginning to sleep through (HOORAY!)

12. Making relish and jam.

13. Swinging in our hammock in the yard.

14. Eating fresh kale and tomatoes from our garden.

15. Sharing an afternoon strawberry smoothie with Pk and LB.

16. The magical day at the cottage.

17. Going down to the city so my mom could buy Pk her first back-to-school outfit at the mall we always enjoyed when I was young.

18. The death of my uncle.

19. Watching Jack Layton's funeral.

20. My sad addiction to Top Chef Canada, Top Chef Just Desserts and Masterchef.

21. The pinata at our "Mexican Fiesta".

22. Buying dirt cheap pink floral china to plan for Pk's birthday.

23. Enjoying participating in Ginny's Yarn Along weekly link-up.

23. Savouring the moments.

Review of the summer list:

-pick strawberries and make jam - almost done
- we went crazy and gave strawberry rhubarb jam to everyone!
-eat dinner outside at least once a week
-eating outside worked for a while until it just got too hot and now, the wasps are bad and Pk has been stung several times, something I don't want to risk again
-read outside at least once
-I loved the afternoon that Pk and I read on a blanket in the yard
-make zuchini relish
-we bought too much zucchini and ended up having to make more relish than we will ever eat - I got royally sick of making relish!
-take the kids to the farm once a week
-we went a few times but there wasn't enough shade - we plan to go in the fall lots on weekends, if we can fit it in
-do something special for Canada Day
-Canada Day was spent in the city with my parents and then at the local fireworks - I will never forget standing in the crowd to sing the national anthem before the fireworks began
-do a BIG clear-out of junk at home so that I can go back to work with the house in better shape
-while we did a big clear out, there's still more to do and we haven't as yet had the big yard sale that we are going to do with several other families, if we can fit it in
-memorize Psalm 91 (one of my favourite pieces of scripture)
-I began this but didn't really stick to it - I plan to move this to my fall list
-have music on all the time
-we've done more of this but I would like to try more often
-plan Pk's birthday party with enough time before that I am not CRAZED the week it happens
-this has definitely been better this year and I am having so much fun planning - it's this Saturday and I can't wait!
-take Pk at least once to the wading pool at the end of my parents' street in the big city
-I planned to do this more often than we did but we did get there once
-have at least one picnic using my picnic basket and eaten on a blanket
- we didn't get to this one and with the wasp fears, we will have to wait until next year
-swim in fresh water at least once (probably while visit my parents or the in-laws)
-this happened at the lovely cottage day we spent up north - it was magical
-spend as little money as possible as we launch into our "Total Money Makeover"
-while I can't say that we were entirely frugal, we were much better this summer than usual and didn't use credit at all, which is real progress for us
-sit with the lights off to watch a thunderstorm
-we didn't have many good storms this summer but last Wednesday's big lightning storm was great to watch
-run three times a week and finish the 5k to 8k series I am doing
-I was good for the first half of the summer but I have to admit, I fell off my routine - it was too humid to run outside and my doctor has put me on some medication, nothing serious but it has left me quite tired and I am having some trouble getting up early - while I am not planning on working on the 8k this fall, I am definitely going to keep running 5k three times a week

I have to admit, while I have mixed feelings about going back to work, I am excited about fall, which is my very favourite season. Watch for my fall list soon!

How was your summer?

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