Thursday, August 25, 2011

Yard Sale Finds

I've been woefully negligent about posting here lately, I am very sorry. Life has been very busy and we are gearing up to return to work in two weeks. My uncle died on Saturday, as well, which has complicated things a bit (that's a post for another day). I am going to try some shorter posts in the next few days to see whether I can get caught up a bit.

Next Saturday (Sept. 3rd), we will be celebrating Pk's birthday. She is going to be 4 and she has been talking for ages about wanting to have a "princess tea party" (and, to further complicate it, over half of her guests are boys). We modified it a bit to call it a "dress-up tea party" - we are going to welcome superheros and dinosaurs as well as princesses in their finery. It should be very interesting.

I have been having so much fun planning this. Thanks to Gin, who introduced me to Pinterest, I have found all kinds of marvelous decorating ideas and recipes. Since the beginning of the summer, I have been watching Yard Sales and Goodwill for teapots and china dishes that are ridiculously cheap. I know that there are those who would be horribly stressed out by 3 and 4 year old guests using china but the way I am seeing this, when I paid next to nothing for things, who cares if something gets broken. I know that Pk adores using our china and I am sure that her friends will, too.

Excuse the horrible quality of the photos but tonight, I spread all of the finds out to see what we have... I am very excited. I had managed to find quite a few pieces but today, I hit the motherlode - at a sale at the local United Church, I got 9 cups and saucers in pink floral china, 4 large matching plates and a cream pitcher for $6. I love buying china anyway (I am such an old lady) so this gives me a perfect excuse to relive memories of my Grandma and having tea at her place.
I have absolutely no idea what we will do with all of this after the party (I think the yard sale we are planning may contain a lot of china!) but for now, this is so much fun. I'll try and share some more of the fun planning I have been doing in the next few days.


  1. We have some "child sized" tea cups - 2 of one set and 4 of another. They survived my decluttering and my girls love to have hot chocolate in them.

  2. I have a few very cute and simple arts and crafts ideas for your china when you are done with them. :)

    Also, planting a small plant in them is always very cute, and PK might like it too.

  3. Lovely! My MIL has a billion china teacups that don't match, and half the fun of the rare occasion of formal tea is chosing the one you want. Meanwhile, I'm sure Pk will love them...