Sunday, November 13, 2011

F is for Football

I'm just going to stop apologizing for being so infrequent these days. It's been report card time and Dh and I were both responsible for organizing the Remembrance Day assemblies at our school so last week was insane. Here's hoping that now all of that is done, we can settle into something of a calmer routine.

I'm really happy that I am posting these here. This exercise has been something that I have really enjoyed and it's giving me a wonderful way to remember Pk's J.K. year. I was pretty devastated earlier in the week when she came home from school and had basically ruined the book that we are making to go with all of this. We are having some trouble getting her to close her water bottle properly and despite my putting it in a ziplock bag and insisting that it not go into the bag but into the side pocket, she still managed to put it into her bag open and all of our work was ruined. I was so upset. I've decided that what I am going to do is at the end of the year, I'll get the photos put together into a hardcover photo book that I can keep (and I might ever get her a copy). If you have any ideas for a great source for that, I'd love to hear it. I know of several sites but haven't actually done it.

F was a fun letter for us. It took me a while to decide what we were going to do and then I came up with a great idea - "Football with Friends" (which also happens to have a great fall connection). We got in touch with all of our supper group friends and set a date for football, followed by pizza at J's house. It was pretty funny. The kids were all grouchy since they have all had a hard time adjusting to school and we spent a LOT of time refereeing but we did get a few minutes of something resembling a game. They had the most fun, however, playing in some old trees with great spaces for hiding and climbing. It was a great memory.

Then, of course you can't do F without french fries. I realise that McDonalds fries aren't particularly chi-chi, but they are what she loves and so they are what we did.

We also went to a farmer's market. There's one in the nearby town that we always talk about going to and so this seemed a perfect time to do it. It was bitterly cold so we didn't stay long!
And finally, in our family, you can't do F without the forest. We run the dogs there most days on the weekend and in October, it can't be missed. We got a number of lovely photos that day but I won't bore you with all of them. Too bad Pk looks almost cross eyed in the photo.
See you soon for letter G. We had fun with that one, too!


  1. Just a suggestion,

    There is a really cool site that does hard cover albums, you just add pictures and any wording you like. They are awesome!

    This is the site. I love it!

    I'm also getting my Christmas cards from them. Might be an idea for your "letters" scrapbook?

  2. Thanks for the suggestion! That was one of the places that I was considering and that's exactly the kind of book I was thinking of.