Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Curing the Grumpies

I confess it, although it's probably no secret - I am a Pinterest addict.  I love it!  I love new ideas, stumbling across brilliance and dreaming of what I will make/create/do/craft.  Especially when I am feeling bogged down in the the yuckiness of daily life, I can find all kind of joy there.

The last week or so has been rather grim.  Between an unexpected $800 + car repair, LB deciding that sleeping is for dummies and he isn't going to do it, his resulting grouchiness, lots of talk about a possible teaching strike and colleagues acting like babies, I haven't been feeling especially chipper.  I was needing something silly to cheer me up.  I found it on Pinterest!

I wanted to find something for Easter.  I can't send food treats to Pk's class (we aren't allowed) but we can still take things to daycare and to friends at church.  I was browsing and found the idea of "egging" someone.  It's like "boo-ing" someone (something I discovered last year when we were "boo-ed"), you leave a surprise treat with a chain letter type deal and pass the fun on.  For this challenge, you have to leave a dozen plastic eggs with treats, the letter and a sign to be posted to tell others that you have already been egged.  This link had all the information and everything you need to get involved.  Buying pretty pastel eggs, fun tattoos, baskets and candy was just what I needed.

 The best part of this was the fun that Pk and I had getting our baskets together.  We jammed the eggs filled with chocolates, jelly beans and gummy bunnies.  We assembled them and then went for a drive.  It was hard to choose which two friends we would surprise so we ended up doing three.  I like the fact that Pk wasn't concerned about herself, she just wanted to give to her friends.  She was seen at two of the three houses, which for her, made it all that much more fun.

I'd love to make this an annual tradition.  It's nice to think that, for a few friends whose last bit has been as frustrating as mine, we might have given them something to smile about for a few minutes.

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