Thursday, March 15, 2012


Today was a perfect day.  It was the kind of day that, if I had gotten up and planned this day, it wouldn't have turned out to be.  The planets aligned, my mood was just right, the weather was divine and the littles were in the mood for a day at home.  It was sheer bliss!

We've been on March Break and, after the basement disaster, our stress levels were fairly high.  We went for a few relaxing days stay with my parents-in-law (I'll probably do a post about that in the next few days).   Yesterday, late afternoon, we got home and then, I ended up off to the local emergency ward.  Don't fret, it was me this time, nothing too scary, just the combination of my varicose veins (a pleasure of motherhood) and my high platelets in tandem with a new kind of pain and hotspot that made me think it was worthy of having checked out (and, thankfully, the ultrasound showed no clots...)  The women in the next cubicle who was addicted to narcotics and screaming obscenities as the doctor just made it interesting.

This morning, I was the first person up and had an hour to myself to plan my next knitting project and play on Ravelry (how did I ever find patterns before that came along?)  Then, LB and I had a cuddle on the couch and watched t.v. for a while (the finals of Top Chef).  We had a brief thunderstorm, making it extra cozy to be inside.

It was the sun popping out and the warm temperatures that led to my cleaning frenzy.  Every curtain in the house was washed and hung on the clothesline (is there anything sweeter on a warm spring day than the sound of sheets flapping in the breeze and the smell of newly dried bedding?)  Pk's room was scoured, bags of clothing were assembled to be given away, vacuuming was done, cookies were baked, knitting was done.  

For lunch, we had a tea party which involved some furry friends in preparation for "T" week which is coming soon and then, Pk's new Veggietales movie, Robin Good, arrived as a special treat from Gran.  I haven't really watched it closely but Pk watched it three times and demanded that all of her plush Veggietales be taken down off the shelf so I believe that she likes it.

I ended the day with a knit and chat at our "knitting guild" (that sounds so much more official for our little group - it makes me laugh given that the purpose of "guilding" ourselves is to get a 10% discount at local stores).

It's hard to imagine a more pleasant day.  I'm now off to knit a bit, watch t.v. with dh and peruse the new Aran knitting book I got at the library.  I can't wait!  I hope your Thursday was as lovely as mine!

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