Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Little Treats...

I received a wonderful surprise today.  A good friend dropped in who has been away for a few days and we have been dog sitting for her (in our home that is already canine-madness, one more orange and white beast really makes very little difference).  When she arrived, she had a wonderful treat for me - the above mug.  Now, as a teacher, there have been many gifts of mugs in my life, all well-intended and kind but none as lovely or as thoughtful as this one.  I had admired this at my friend's home (I have developed quite a thing for birds over the last few years, especially either winter birds like cardinals and blue jays or English birds).  She got her friend, who was coming over from England, to bring one to Canada for me.  I love it!  It's lovely and it's also deep and holds a lot and when I drink tea, I want more than two sips.

It's little surprises like this that mean so much.  What a reminder to me of the pleasure that a small but well-thought out gift can bring to someone.

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