Saturday, April 7, 2012

Winter Bucket List

So, I would have to say that my winter bucket list was rather a bust.  I stopped looking at it because our winter weather was so nutty that we didn't have enough snow to do much of anything.  Obviously, if I am going to make a bucket list, I will need to be more on top of actually trying to do some of the things.

-make special hot chocolate (and find some special H.C. recipes)
Does looking it up on Pinterest count?  I did pin some really nice minty marshmallows but I never made them.

-make matching hats for the entire family (silly but fun)
No to this one, either.  I did make a cute hat for each of the kids but they don't match.

-spend a day with all of us in our pyjamas
Nope.  Not really my scene anyway, even if I do idealize it.

-take the dogs for a winter hike in the forest
Technically, yes, we did go for several hikes in the forest but given that there wasn't any snow, I'm not sure it counts.

-find at least three new comfort food recipes
I did try several recipes this season.  We did an Indian meal for our friends' dinner in January and both the channa masala and the kheer were great!  I was looking for a killer lasagna recipe and this one was terrific.

-find a new author that I like reading
This one, I did.  Patrick Taylor - the "Irish Country Doctor" series, about a doctor in northern Ireland in the 60's.  It's very cozy without being coy, just comfortable with a quirky cast of characters and I love books like that, when I am in the mood.

-build a snowman
I've decided that I am snow challenged.  Tried this during one of the few snows where the snow was wet and I thought it would pack.  Didn't work.  I think it's me.

-paint snow

-take the kids sledding
Yes!  It was really cold and we didn't last long :-)

-have a games night with friends
Totally forgot about this one!

-shovel snow as a family
I thought I had a photo of this one but that's only partially true - I got a few pics of the kids playing outside when daddy was using his snowblower.

-decorate for Valentine's Day
This, I did.  I always get so excited to get the Valentine's Day stuff up since January seems so bleak.  This year, though, we did a snowman collection for January, just to brighten things up a bit.  It did make a difference.

Me, of all people, didn't get any photos specifically of Valentine's decor but here are a few pics I snapped of various Valentine's activities.

-cook a haggis for Robert Burns' Day
No, for some reason, it didn't appeal to me this year.

-order seed catalogues and plan to add at least two new plants to the garden this year
We didn't do this.  Something about seeds in my spring bucket list post, which is coming.

-repeat the Love challenge from Muthering Heights
She didn't host it this year.

-start a winter scrapbook for winter memories
Might do this in the heat of summer when I'm craving winter.  Didn't happen this year, though.  Haven't had time for scrapbooking in so long!

Now, it's onto planning the spring list.  It's coming, I promise (and I know you are waiting with baited breath, LOL)

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