Monday, May 21, 2012

These very random photos are memories from what is always one of my favourite weekends of the year.  Here in Canada, we call it May 2-4 and while technically it is a celebration of Queen Victoria's birthday, honestly, it is just a celebration of the imminent arrival of summer.  For me, it always includes barbecue, fireworks, sleeping in, staying up late and, of course, gardening (since, superstition holds that planting before May 2-4 weekend always means the threat of frost).  I didn't get anywhere near as many photos as I would have liked but here are few anyway:

1.  A cuddle in mommy's bed.  There's nothing more comfortable to me than a tangle of sleeping kidlets and animals.

2.  Quietly reading a new favourite book before an afternoon nap in the cool of the house when it was hot and humid outside.

3.  A picnic with friends at the local school yard and a daddy-friend who LB hero-worships (and it's no wonder, he has the most patience!)

5.  My cat, Sadie.  She wasn't supposed to be an outdoor cat but it has worked out that way.  She doesn't venture far away and I have come to really appreciate her company when we are outside as a family.  I get the feeling that she really likes us, which I find unusual in a cat.

6.  Of course, we did the compulsory garden centre trip.  I bought some impatients for fill in the holes and to give us some all summer colour.  I have a bad habit of ceasing to water in July when it gets super hot and impatients seem to come back when they have wilted and I finally remember to water them.

7.  My lovely assistants, who are adoring hanging out in the great outdoors.
8.  Playing parade is a favourite pass time at the moment.

9.  See my garden looking reasonably tidy.  That won't last.

10.  They managed to find a large, plastic candy cane in the garage which turned into a rather odd game of baseball.  They are very good friends right now.  I could watch it all the time.

11.  A spot of body art.   At least it was mostly washable.

11. The big game and it ended the right way!  Big excitement for everyone around here.

12.  More reading in mommy's bed.  Very cozy.

I hope your precursor to summer was what you planned.  I think it may be one of the best we have ever had.

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  1. It's my all time fav weekend too! We got married on May 23rd, so not only is it the start of summer, and all the relaxation that comes along with it, we get to celebrate our special day. Love, love, love!