Tuesday, May 15, 2012


It's' Dh's birthday tomorrow and while he was out at yet another school concert tonight, we were busy bees getting the house ready for him.

There were cards to make, an air hog (remote control helicopter which he always wanted as a boy but never got) to wrap

banners to make, balloons to inflate and hang
 and, I'm so impressed with myself, a Lyle's Syrup steamed pudding to make (I have NEVER steamed a pudding and have always been intimidated)  I don't have an aluminum pudding pan and didn't know whether this would work but the glass dish seems to have worked just fine.  I'll let you know tomorrow how it tastes, when we serve it with warm Bird's custard sauce (can you tell Dh is English??)
I also called his school to get a happy birthday greeting put on the morning announcements to him and Pk and LB and I called his voicemail and sang happy birthday.  Pk picked out toaster waffles at the grocery store for his special breakfast (I also plan to make bacon).

I'm so excited for him!

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