Friday, March 29, 2013

Little Joys, Day 3

Today did not start out as a day for joy.  Lb had a HORRIBLE night and managed to keep both Dh and I up for a good part of the night and then, the water that was slowly trickling in (we assumed it was a leak from spring - it happened last year and while Dh fixed last year's leak beautifully, it seemed like this was coming from a different spot) became more of a gush.  I was not in my happy place so finding the little joys was not an easy task.

Fortunately, I am married to an amazing man who ordered me out to walk the dogs and get some time by myself and immediately, things began to turn around.  I don't know whether everyone finds this but I love dog walking people.  They are so friendly, especially early in the morning on a holiday when we are the only people awake.  People look rough, stumbling around the field gripping coffees for dear life and hoping not to run into anyone who would judge our bedhead.  As usual, I met some lovely, coffee-gripping people and felt my faith in humanity restored someone.  Neither dog rolled in anything nasty or met a skunk either, so it was a good outing all around.

Our church was having an evening drama presentation so we opted to meet up with Dh's parents, sister and her husband and our niece at their church.  It was a great service and amazingly, Lb was really good for most of it (although, at the end, when it was at its most poignant, he did start loudly saying, "Go home, now."  I was hoping that people would think he was talking about Jesus :-)

After the service, it was decided that my niece, M, would come back with us for part of the afternoon.  I have to admit, that ended up being such a joy.  She's a sweetie, first of all and secondly, it always pleases me when we have unexpected company and I can pull it off.  I did not grow up in a home that entertained anyone outside of a few elderly aunts and for the longest time, I found having people here stressful.  I've worked really hard to overcome that because I do want to have a home that is welcoming and especially for the younger crowd, a place where they can come to feel safe and loved and accepted.  We had a great lunch and she helped us with several wonderful Pinterest Easter treats that will be more meaningful for her now at the family dinner tomorrow since she helped put them together.

 She also has a marvelous sense of humour and since it was her birthday earlier in the week, we bought cupcakes.  Unfortunately, it didn't occur to me to get candles but she willingly made due with a number 5.

The best part?  Dancing around the kitchen together to Harry Belafonte.  That's a memory that I will treasure.

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