Monday, May 27, 2013

In the Midnight Hour

Pk gets terrible growing pains, especially when she has gotten overtired.  I used to have the same thing. When it happens, we are awakened to her crying and I get the hot pack for her, give her some Advil and rub her legs until the pain goes away and she goes back to sleep.  It probably happens once or twice a week.

Last night, we had another incident of it and she was in a lot of pain.  As I rubbed her legs and waiting for the pain to stop, I asked her to tell me about something that would make her very happy.  I expected something about going to a theme park or visiting grandma's house.  She really surprised and touched me with what she said.  She told me that what would make her happy more than anything would be for she and I to have a picnic, just the two of us.  She would want us to eat things from our garden and read books together.  Then, she talked about how much she loves eating parsley from the garden and that she wants me to try it, too, since it's SO good.

It's funny the way that my children can so often surprise me.  I try to do these amazing things for them to show them my love and all they want is something simple, usually that involves time together.  You can bet I will be buying more parsley to put in the garden and I'm going to put a once-a-week picnic on our summer bucket list!

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