Friday, December 11, 2015

Advent 2, post 3 - Loud and Clear

I was going to start this post off by saying that I really didn't hear anything from God today but then, I realised that would be lying.  I am hearing something loud and clear from God - SLOW DOWN.  I'm exhausted.  Dh was out at school concerts the last two nights and in addition to all of the regular parenting duties, acting as chauffeur to children and walker to dogs, I have also been trying to do Christmas baking in the little gaps in the schedule.  I was on "Teacher Treats" at work this week (several times a year, along with two other staff members, we bring treats for the staff on Friday), I made the treats for Dh's meeting Tuesday night, birthday treats for my dad from tomorrow (we are off to his 70th birthday tomorrow evening) AND treats to take to a Christmas tree cutting we are attending.  Add to that a band practice on Tuesday night for the performances Sunday and the knowledge that we will not have a moment of peace this weekend thanks to concerts, parties and family visits, I am dropping for exhaustion.  There is no way to hear God because I've been too busy running.  Clearly my prayer (and my word for 2016) will have to do with scaling back, quieting and restructuring to create a life that is a little less frenzied.  There is so much helping and reading and loving that I would like to do and at this frantic pace, there isn't room.

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