Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Beautiful Moments, Day 1

It was a stressful year for girlie at school for a number of reasons and she is entering into a time, I think, when she is starting to move away and become her own, more independent person.  While she still loves her family, she is choosing to spend more time on her own and at times, I feel like we are talking across each other rather than really meeting.  Some of that is certainly my fault - I have a bad habit of being too driven towards what is coming next and missing the now.  I need to learn more ways to listen and to be present for her because I know that this time is fleeting and I will soon be wishing for it back.

Today, when she got home from the riding camp at which she was assisting, I asked if she would like to join me at the table to sit and colour.  I have a colouring book (I never thought I would enjoy this but a good friend got me to try it and I've been surprised at how much I enjoy it) and the last time I was at my favourite Christian bookstore, I saw one for girls and I bought it for girlie.  She loves it but keeps forgetting that she has it.  We ended up sitting at the table and working together, chatting about her day, for at least half an hour and it was so peaceful.  She found a verse that she really liked and decided, herself, to write it on the board in our kitchen that we use to record verses that we are memorizing or that seem especially relevant to us all. 

"Two people are better than one for they can help each other succeed."  Ecclesiastes 4:9. 

It seemed very fitting for a lovely moment.

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