Thursday, May 25, 2017

Off we go...

I am so excited!  Little Man suddenly developed this intense desire to join Beavers last winter and so we made it happen.  There is something about having my kids involved in activities that they enjoy that makes me so happy.  I am a joiner - I love being a part of anything and I think since I somehow grew up feeling as if I didn't belong anywhere.  My kids getting to really belong to something makes me so happy!  With Pk, it's been skating and horseback riding (and I am now the club secretary for the skating club and we have gone to competitions and even to watch a few high level competitions) and with Little Man, it's now Beavers and softball.  I've helped to sell apples, I've planted trees, I spent a day at winter camp and he and I have worked together all year on projects for his "Personal Achievement badges".  It's been so much fun.  I know, it's not everyone's cup of tea but being involved in projects with my kids feels like building memories and connections that are more precious than I can say.

Tomorrow, we are off on a new adventure, even for me.  We will be doing a weekend Beaver camp IN A TENT.  I have not bee in in a tent for 25 years and then, it was only three or four times during one summer.  That's it.  Dh will NEVER EVER EVER EVER camp (the closest he would ever agree to come to camping would be to find a hotel room close to our site and arrive with tea and coffee each morning).  I, the one who is technically useless, will be putting up a tent, dealing with the equipment and being an outdoors-woman for 48 hours.  I am so excited and SO terrified!  Wish me luck!

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