Sunday, January 28, 2018

Knitting Pleasures

It's been a really difficult couple of weeks at work for me.  There are some very toxic people and it's been a real challenge to try to stay above it all and to, as my husband always says, "make sure that my side of the street it clean."  It's so hard to keep from being drawn into other people's drama but I have been really making the effort to be calm and compassionate (which has been difficult!)  I've been looking for ways to find the little pleasures in each day and one of my pleasures is knitting.

The past year or so was the year of the hat for me.  One of PK's skating coaches asked for a messy bun hat in "worksocks" colours which has become what the skaters refer to as the "Roots" hat.  I ended up making an entire set for her synchro team and I then go requests from people who don't skate :-)  Christmas was all about slippers (I'll do a post on that another time).  I had a colleague ask for a bun hat but she didn't want the worksocks colours, she wanted black.  The pattern that I had been using would just be too boring in black so, after some searching on Ravelry, I found a pattern that I really like.

Of course, I had to make one first to check tension and whether I actually like the finished product and yes, I LOVED it.  It's the Yellowstone Skate Ski Hat by Selena Miskin and available for purchase on Ravelry and I have been really happy with it.  I find winter so bleak and I love lighter colours when possible so, of course, I made it in my favourite cream colour.  Now, I have the black one is the works and I can't wait to finish it and pass it on to its recipient.  My only sadness is that the black really doesn't show off the lovely cables the way I would like.  At any rate, it's cabled enough to look very pretty (and impressive to those who don't know how easy cables are) and yet easy enough that there isn't so much counting that my eyes go crossed.  It's such fun to pass on a little surprise like this to someone.

PK is my model so the adult size is a bit big on her but it's perfect for me!

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