Friday, January 5, 2018


In this cold weather, it is a great time for some "hygge" and I am a bit one for comfort at home, when I can find it!  I have an addiction to foxes and my husband found me the most lovely fox mug for Christmas and we were gifted some Yorkshire Gold tea, which is exactly as I love a cup of tea - strong and full-bodied without being "stew-y".  I got several gift cards for Chapters (a Canadian rival to Amazon) and ordered myself the Inspire: Psalms colouring book that I have been wanting.  I have to find balance with my colouring books because, while I love them, they can be a reminder, at times, that I don't have the time that I would like to quiet activities like this.  I have a very bad habit of keeping lists for myself of things that I would like to do (and then, becoming frustrated and overwhelmed when my to-do's don't get checked off).  Last year, I bought myself a Coloring Psalms agenda and it was nice to do small pages but when I didn't keep up, it really frustrated me.  This way, I can work through the Psalms when I can and there is no timeline connected.  

The book is lovely and I really enjoyed my time with it last night.

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