Tuesday, March 17, 2009

And now for something different...

On Saturday, we drove up to Owen Sound to visit the in-laws.  We haven't taken Pk up very often because she is such a bad sleeper - I have lived in fear of being stuck in a very small house with her up all night and keeping everyone else up.  Happily, she actually slept much of the night in her playpen (nothing short of a miracle!!!!!) and now we know we can travel with her.  There was a gorgeous flash of spring and on Sunday afternoon after church and the nap, we went to Harrison Park to the bird sanctuary.  Pk was mesmerized.

We thought we needed to show her ducks so that she didn't think they they were all yellow with bright orange beaks like in all of her books.

Yes, Kittenpie, the clothing should look familiar since both the jacket and the boots came from you.  She ADORES the boots and we are having trouble taking them from her.  She wears them all the time.

Three generations of the Nv family - engaging in the family's second religion, following Chelsea F.C. (who, much to everyone's pleasure won the game and are now in second place)


  1. Love seeing a picture of your little girl...she's precious!

    And your previous post....I'm praying for you! I'm sorry you are having such a hard time and I'm sorry you don't have anyone to talk to. I'm also sorry it's making you depressed. I am, and will continue to pray for you.

  2. ah, I loved those first wee rainboots, too. Adorable.