Friday, March 20, 2009

Plan B

Today we were supposed to go and visit some really good friends who we never seem to have time for.  We finally found a date that worked and were all set - then the vomiting started.

Pk really does seem to have a flair for it.  She doesn't puke much but when she does, wow!  This was one of those days.  We were sitting in her room, reading stories under her blanket and all of a sudden, it started and it was impressive.  Ick.  She seemed totally fine before and after so we debated what to do.  Dh called our wonderfully understanding friends who suggested that if it didn't continue, we were welcome.  We started to pack (why does taking an 18 month old any require taking most of the contents of our home???) and then, round 2.  At that point, it was obvious that we weren't going anywhere.

Typically, she woke up from her nap totally fine, which led me to doubt whether we should have stayed home... I decided that some fresh air would be nice so we got bundled up and went for a really long walk through town.  While it wasn't seeing our friends, it ended up being a nice way to spend the last day of my March Break.

I live in a small town, a village, really.  I think there are 3500 people.  Walking here is wonderful.  We spend most of the time on the road and the sights are wonderfully diverse.  I used to walk miles in the city and enjoyed it but I love it so much more here.  We saw horses, cows and farms within 20 minutes of home.  We walked through woods and parks, I got to spy on houses (I love checking out what people are doing) and Pk got to see her fill of dogs.  I don't know whether I will get to the point that living in such a small place with grow tired but right now, I love it.  Everyone says hello, there is a unique wave to anyone who passes in a car if you aren't on a major road and everyone who is out front of a house you pass has to make a comment about how cute Pk is or about the weather.  

What a great way to start spring.  Now, if only we can completely get rid of the horrible smell and find a date to see our friends...


  1. That stinks! (literally too I am sure) It is completely understandable, one of the joys of having children, LOL! But it is great that you still got to have a good day and she got to feeling better, poor thing. I am so sad when Ab gets sick because I feel so helpless and they are so small and don't know how to handle when that sick feeling comes on. Can you believe it is Spring already, wow, time flies!

    I am SO with you on the liking to see what people are doing thing. My favorite is when it is starting to get a little dark and people have lights on and their blinds/curtains still open. I LOVE to see how they have stuff decorated and what the inside of houses looks like. People are so drastically different when it comes to housekeeping and decorating and it's so interetsting to be able to see it from the outside looking in. Man I sound creepy now, okay, I'll stop there! LOL! Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Firstly, I hope Pippa is feeling better! I had that same icky last week and ooooh it was bad! But secondly, YAY! I'm not alone in my evening walks when I stare through people's windows to check in and see what's going on! I mainly just like to see their house and how they have decorated because I am so horrible at it myself -- I actually recently painted a wall in my house because I'd seen SO many other people paint the same wall in theirs and I loved how it looked. I'd have never done it otherwise! So everyone reading this, open your blinds at night and turn your lights on! LOL!

  3. I LOVE looking in people's windows at night when I walk the dogs. I keep waiting for someone to yell at me but I love spying. I always think that people's houses look so cozy, especially at night! Glad I am not the only one!

  4. here's hoping it'll work this time... But I'm glad Pippa was feeling better and not sick for too long. We're always here, so we'll welcome you any time.