Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Craft Ideas

I have been meaning to post these ideas and links for a while and realised this morning that if they don't go up today, they probably aren't going up. Hope you like them as much as I do.

The first two ideas are for gifts that work really well for Mother's Day/Father's Day.

Pk and I made the necklaces for Mother's Day - we did one for each grandma and one for me. I couldn't get over how easy they were to make and they have such a nice personal touch. Click on this link for directions for making one yourself.

These suncatchers were really easy to make, as well, and Pk LOVED doing these. I just went to the dollar store and bought a selection of glass rocks and beads. They take forever to dry but look quite pretty when they are done. For directions for making these, click on this link.

Finally, I love this idea. We modified it a bit - instead of stamping on leaves to make a pattern, I just bought a bunch of fabric paint and after I did the lettering for the baby and let the shirt dry, I let Pk go to town decorating it so that when the baby comes home from the hospital, he will be wearing the shirt that his sister made for him and actually, we had Pk make a shirt of her own that says "Big Sister" on it. I loved the idea and hope that this will help her to feel a part of this. For more information, click on the link here.

I don't think I will have much time for crafting in the next little while so enjoy the ideas now!

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