Friday, June 4, 2010

My Little Miracle

When we bought our house 7 years ago, I was so excited to finally have room for some gardening. I will say that it has ended up being a much bigger job than I ever realised and in some ways, it's a bit of a frustration because while I have luck with individual plants, I don't think that I have the "gift" in terms of arranging what to go where and how to space things. That being said, I do love my garden and I get very excited when things grow and bloom.

The first year here, we were at a Canadian Tire store in early July and happen to notice some plants on sale (on clearance). One that caught my eye was an almost dead poppy that was selling for 10 cents. At that price, I couldn't resist - what did I have to lose? Every year, I am amazed by the number of blooms and the intense colour of my poppy but that isn't the most amazing thing. As you know, my birthday is June 4th and every year that we have lived here, the first bud has opened on June 4th. I consider it a kind of birthday present and it never fails to arrive on exactly the right day and this year was no exception.

The funny thing this year is that it must be influencing flowers in the bed nearby because this year, not only did I get my first open poppy today, I had two irises appear (I love their colour) and three of my pink peonies opened (although they weren't so easy to photograph well) - the peonies are a real treat because they are always so gorgeous with their full, rose-like blossoms but it always seems that as soon as they arrive, we get a heavy rain that beats them down and they just don't look as impressive. My flowers are a wonderful gift to look forward to each year!

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