Sunday, November 14, 2010

Cool Deal

Here's a very shallow post for you. Last week, when I arrived to pick Pk up from daycare, her sitter sheepishly told me that Pk's splashpants had obviously had an accident and would probably need to be replaced. She was right - they were ripped right through across the bum. Needless to say, getting Pk to tell us exactly what had happened was an exercise in frustration but we think that she probably was putting them on and put two legs in one hole and pushed too hard. I nixed Dh's suggestion of duct tape across the bum to fix them and the hunt for splashpants was on.

This is NOT the time of year to find them and we quickly discovered that snowpants are easy to find, splashpants are this side of impossible. Thankfully, I discovered that not only did L.L.Bean online have them available but that shipping is free until December 20th with no minimum order, even for orders to Canada. Given that the exchange rate is so good right now, it ended up being a great deal. Hooray!!!


  1. oops, did I type "slashpants"? That should say "splashpants" - they are a kind of windbreaker/water pant for rainy days - not as heavy or bulky as a snowpant, just a bit of added protection on wet/yucky days.

  2. You know I love a good deal... MEC is also a good source online, for future disasters, er, reference.