Saturday, November 13, 2010

Who are We?

Our church is doing a photo directory. For those of you who aren't "church types", each family/individual goes and gets a photo taken and the photos are compiled into a book so that we can put names to faces. The company comes in, does photos "for free" (I say that in quotations because you don't pay for the directory or the free 8 by 10 but you then are "offered" many great deals that will only cost you the same as your house or your car for a collage on cheap paper or a set of 9 wallet-sized pics).

We were given a handout as to what we should do to prepare for our photos. They suggest clothing ideas and that you should think about what would really represent your family. One family at church came in their motocycle gear and several brought their dogs.

My first thought - how can we represent "chaos" in a family pic???

And, I might say, I stayed strong and we didn't buy a package or a montage, I just got suckered into two sheets of 3 by 5's for $89...


  1. Oh yeah! Our church did that just this & next month, too!

    I'll admit it- we got "suckered" into buying some photos. But in my defense, this was our first official family photo and we'll be giving away two of the 8x10s to our parents for Xmas... But yeah, not cheap. :)

  2. $89 - youch. We are thinking of doing one of those photo books online this year, since we got a good deal on two of them through groupon, so we could do one for us and one for Misterpie's parents.

    what did you end up doing for the picture?

  3. I have wanted to do a photo book, I keep seeing nice ones that other people have done that are very reasonable.
    We didn't do anything terribly exciting. Dh's mom bought Baby Bean a cute outfit for his baptism (vest, collared shirt, pair of cords) and since the only other "dressy" thing we have for him are overalls and he eats the front placket, we decided that we would just all coordinate to him. His vest was a dark red so Pk wore a red velvet Gap dress (which I got second hand for $10, the same one you lent us in green last year), I wore a red sweater and black skirt and dh word a red checked shirt. I guess we must have been really well coordinated because we got our proofs free because they wanted to use some of our pics for their promotional stuff. The photographer did a few of Baby Bean and Dh, and then did a few of Pk and I in which she spontaneously decided that we had to do "nose kisses" - they were kind of cute (in a vaguely cloying way).