Monday, February 7, 2011

Multitude Monday 153 -

holy experience

Today is a quiet day, a day when I have been able to enjoy some time to myself while Baby Bean naps and to enjoy time cuddling with him. What a blessed relief to have some quiet time.

154. cozy, slow days when I don't feel rushed
155. the fun of a book I can't put down (I just finished Fallen Skies by Philippa Gregory)
156. having a friend who knits to get me back into the habit
157. Valentine's Day hearts and treats
158. wonderful bloggers who share great craft ideas and recipes
159. the knowledge that I am making special memories for my children
160. that my mom is on the mend and that is is quite likely that we will have her truly back to form
161. yummy food at potlucks
162. afternoon naps
163. the neighbour that we are paying to do our driveway until Dh is back to being able to do lots of lifting
164. that I still have two months at home before I go back to work
165. Pk's saying to me constantly, "You are happy, Mom, because you have two beautiful, special children" - it's nice to know that the words that she is imprinting onto her heart from me are good ones
166. being able to experience holidays through my daughter's eyes (as a teacher, they had gotten pretty tired)
167. after a bad week like last one, knowing that I could make a fresh start on a new week
168. the way that a photo or a book can reach me in ways that I can't explain (like the nursing/reading pic that Laura posted that I mentioned yesterday)
169. Baby Bean's babbling ("blah, blah, blah, blah")
170. that no matter how bad it gets, there is always something to laugh about
171. the fact that buying gifts for Pk gives me more pleasure than any gift I have ever received
172. creating things in the kitchen to feed my family

Have a wonderful week.

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