Monday, February 21, 2011

Multitude Monday 173 -

holy experience

Today is the Family Day holiday here in Ontario and of course, my mind is on my family (the source of so much of my joy).

173. Baby Bean's face looking up into mine
174. Being called Mama
175. Girls' morning out with Pk and my m.i.l. last Saturday - it's wonderful to feel the connection across the generations
176. the little things that m.i.l. does to welcome us - the blue cheese (Dh's fav), the goldfish crackers (for Pk), the favourite tea of mine
177. napping with a dog's warm head draped across my leg
178. starting new craft projects
179. days with Dh at home
180. shrimp feasts at home as a treat
181. Pk's gratitude at small things (e.g., cupcakes as a treat after dinner)
182. fleece sheets (I didn't think I would like them but at m.i.l.'s house, they were wonderfully cozy)
183. a warm bed to sleep in while in a cool room
184. a warm little body worn on my back

Enjoy a blessed week!

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