Monday, February 28, 2011

Multitude Monday 185 -

holy experience

Someone sent me a lovely link to a windows movie called God and Dog this week and it reminded me just how lucky I am to share my life with our wonderful "Furkids". We have three - Chelsea a 10 year old Brittany spaniel, Lucie, a four year old Brittany spaniel and Sadie, a roughly 3 year old orange and white cat. I know that some people aren't pet people but for us, I couldn't imagine life without their love.

This week, my gratitude is focused on them:

185. Sleeping with a warm furry body - my personal favourite happens to be sleeping with Chelsea's head draped over my legs.
186. The loving way in which the animals have welcomed the arrival of both of our children.
187. Cuddles in bed with all of the family - it's a time during which I am totally aware of how blessed I truly am
188. The gentle purr of the cat
189. walks in the forest with the dogs and the glee with which they run
190. The wonderful friendships I have formed with other dog walkers
191. The way that having animals breaks down barriers and leads people to talk to complete strangers
192. The unconditional love reflected in these eyes
193. Our wonderful vet who has become a personal friend who treats the animals as kindly as I would if I could do it myself
194. The way that I notice my surroundings so much more when I see them through the eyes of my dog
195. Our alarm system - we had to laugh, an alarm system company called and tried to sell us a system and dh told them that we already have a system. When they asked which company, Dh told them, "The brittany company. They are small but they are onto everything and always at work." "Oh, I haven't heard of them," replied the salesperson.
196. There is no better proof of God to me than the diversity of the animals around us and the love they share for us.

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