Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dining with Royalty

September 1st is Pk's birthday and we have an annual tradition with local friends that Pk's party always happens then. This year she was determined that she was going to have a "fairy princess tea party" and we were determined to make it happen.

We have had such fun with this! I spent the summer combing yard sales, church sales and thrift stores for inexpensive (read: CHEAP) teapots and china. I ended up going a bit nuts and buying plates, small bowls, teacups, saucers and teapots (I think I now own every tacky teapot available). We found lovely invites on Etsy and for take home gifts, we decided to buy a puzzle tailored to each child's interests. While the theme was "dress up", we made it clear that our gentlemen (and ladies, for that matter) could come as anything they wanted, as long as it was a bit out of the ordinary. People were very obliging.

I spent the days leading up to the party cooking. There were strawberry cupcakes with swiss buttercream frosting (these are AMAZING), white chocolate dipped strawberries (but I used pink sugar instead of blue), heart marshmallows and rainbow fruit kababs. We did sandwiches, veggies and dip, chips and drinks. I did the Martha Stewart Poms (which looked lovely) and we had balloons everywhere. It was insane and so much fun!

Sorry the photos are out of order, some were taken by me and some by friends (my camera decided to stop working early on in the party so these were taken later for me by others). Pk was so lucky in the thoughtful gifts she received. We came away from the day, yet again, feeling extremely grateful to be surrounded by such wonderful people!

Pin the crown on the princess

Each child was able to pour his or her drinks from his or her own teapot and they thought that was wonderful

Dh did the streamers and I have to say that he did a wonderful job

Our guests beginning the tea

Best friends


the sweet table, which, if I do say so myself, looked pretty spiffy (other than the buttercream which decided to melt a bit, since the day was so incredibly humid)

one of our knights

this gift was amazing, a full princess kit, complete with a homemade tutu, a shirt with a crown, jewels and "Princess Pk" on it

being spoiled by grandmas

during gift opening

the gift that stole the show - a box of six pairs of pretty heels - it will be weeks before I recover from the sight of one of our young knights trying to master walking in heels

Little Bean was a big fan of the shoes, too!

So sappy but sweet - Pk's best friend - they each got a matching necklace, one says "Best" and one says "Friends"

I can't tell you how much fun we had planning this party but I am glad that it will be a year before we have to plan another!

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