Friday, September 23, 2011

A is for Alphabet

Pk has started school and as part of the kindergarten programme in her classroom, there is a letter and a colour of the week. I love it! She may not be entirely in love with school (her feelings are very mixed at the moment) but her mom is certainly having fun.

The letter of the week is something that has become a wonderful project for us. Each child is supposed to take in one item that begins with that letter. I want to go one better and have Pk take in one experience connected to the letter. For the letter A, we went apple picking.

The wagon ride was a fun way to begin.

I got Pk to help me make an apple pie (we love this "Deep Dish Apple Pie" which only has a top crust over lovely filling - I'd share the recipe but it comes from my mom's old cookbook)
We also made this applesauce that we love
I plan to make this a year of memories that we can keep forever and part of that is a scrapbook.

Her teacher also has colour days. Once a week, the kids are supposed to wear clothing that fits the colour theme, if they have it (and no, it isn't all that sensitive to the kids who don't have parents who will go and buy them clothing to follow the colour for that week but up here, that isn't really an issue most of the time). I've come to realise just how much the colours available follow the trends - this month, it was red, orange and yellow. For red, I was lucky that we already had a red shirt and pants, for orange, all I could find were orange socks and the shirt with orange flowers (which I happen to really like on Pk) and a yellow shirt at Old Navy. Now when pink day comes, we will have that covered from head to toe!

I'm having a ridiculous amount of fun with this. I hope that Pk does, too!

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