Sunday, October 2, 2011

B is for Boat...

As you know, I am having a wonderful time with the whole "letter of the week" thing. Two weeks ago, our letter was B and we decided to do something that I had wanted to do with Pk in the summer but didn't get around to - making paper boats and floating them in a stream. She had really fallen in love with floating leaves and I thought it was a great extension.

I went online (of course) and found a great video with directions. I made 12 paper boats and we got the dogs and set off for the stream. Everyone was very excited. We decided to go to the spot under the bridge because 1. Pk loves bridges and 2. of course, bridge also starts with b!

The wonderful part is that we ran into a girl from Pk's class at school. Pk has not exactly been forthcoming about school (most of our information comes from the lady across the street who is a lunch monitor in her class and from Pk's friend's mother who gets information from her son). Pk informed us that G is her best friend (which is hilarious given that she couldn't remember this girl's name) and they were very excited to float the boats together. It was a good thing that I went over the top, as usual, and made lots of boats.

Before the excitement started, of course, the dogs needed a swim. It made getting near the water very muddy and splashy (all the more fun!)
Pk and her friend were thrilled to get the boats into the water. They couldn't get them in fast enough (I had hoped they might watch them float downstream a bit).
Baby Bean thought this was really cool. He was very into throwing boats but didn't really care that he wasn't anywhere near the water.
The next day at church, we had our Sunday School kick-off, along with our church anniversary lunch (which, at our church, is always celebrated like a birthday). There were balloons - another great "b" for our list.

Of course, on Wednesday morning, there was also the bus, another "b". I hadn't ever done the school run before (I hate Little Bean's tears at going to daycare so Dh does the morning run. Unfortunately, a totally dead car battery meant that Dh had to get a lift into work early and it left me on bus duty).
And finally, since a friend gave us a bread machine since I was complaining about additives in bread, we had to get Pk involved in yet another pair of b's - making bread and buns. Dh makes all the bread in our house now so that we can avoid all the glucose/fructose and other additives we don't even know the names of. His bread is yummy, the house smells lovely and Pk has another personal connection for the letter B.
Stay tuned for letter C!

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