Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fall List

I have been meaning to do a fall list for a while now and it just never seemed to happen. This one is off the top of my head but at least it's better than having my summer list still posted.

Here are my goals for fall:
-pick apples
-make an apple pie
-go to the farm for pumpkins
-do our annual pumpkin photo shoot
-buy a sweater that I really like
-decorate for fall
-have a photo shoot in a pile of leaves
-do several walks in the forest
-go on a wagon ride
-have or attend a bonfire
-go trick-or-treating
-buy a poppy to wear before November 11th
-get back into the habit of daily Bible study
-try to focus more on people than on things that need to get done
-enjoy Pk's letter of the week activities
-decorate with fall objects
-burn candles more often
-wear my wrap that I love
-knit a scarf for dad and one for my brother

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