Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Yarn Along

I haven't been able to get myself organized to participate in the "Yarn Along" hosted by Ginny at Small Things in a while. Frankly, there hasn't been much knitting time and even less blogging time. I feel like I am finally starting to get into a routine and I have started to do a bit of knitting again and I had a few moments tonight so here I am.

In terms of reading, I have been devouring mysteries of late. Since I had been co-sleeping until fairly recently, I hadn't had much time for reading since most of my reading happens in bed (which won't work when the light is off for a little one). Since we have gotten Little Bean into his crib (and Daddy joins him in the bed beside the crib when he wakes up), I actually get some reading time. Several of my favourite writers have come out with books since babies were born around here, so I have lots to choose from.

Right now, I have finished my M.C. Beaton-fest (Hamish Macbeth and Agatha Raisin) and then just finished a terrific Anne Perry mystery. There was a while when I found her books a bit mechanical, as if she were just churning them out, but recently, I have found she has gotten her flare back and I really enjoyed this one. Now, I am skimming through a Jennifer Chiaverinni Elm Creek Quilts novel (I love this series) and next, I have two Susan Wittig Albert China Bayles herbal mysteries waiting. I enjoy her books, especially her Beatrix Potter series. I like the fact that she was writing her herbal mysteries long before the "theme" mysteries became such a trend) and her characters are just a bit different.

In terms of knitting , I have been very slowly working my way along on a scarf for my dad for Christmas. I am hoping to do one for my brother, too. I just pulled the pattern from the Lion Brand website and ended up ordering the yarn from them, too (Alpine Wool, I am loving it). The yarn price itself wasn't too bad but the shipping was almost as much as the yarn - ouch. I love cabling of any kind, especially when done in natural tones and this scarf is just so soft! I am hoping to get one done for my brother, too, if I can find the time.
I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone else is reading and knitting!


  1. The scarf is looking lovely. I need to ast n a cabled scarf for my oldest girl's yule gift. Eekk, the list grows.

  2. I loved the Jennifer Chiaverinni Elm Creek Quilts novel series, too.