Sunday, January 1, 2012

December 30th

On the 30th, we spent a lot of time having fun as a family.  I had just finished this hat (the "shroom" made from Spud and Chloe) and I was really excited to get out and have Pk wear it.  I don't often like bulky knits, especially ones that are kind of "funky" (which leaves me in a small minority in knitting these days - most people seem to really like odd-looking stuff) but I loved the way this hat turned out and while the photos don't do it justice, Pk looked adorable.  Dh wanted to go out and shovel as much as he could given that the forecast was for a warm-up (which to Dh immediately leads to concerns about a flooded basement) and then a freeze over (being sued for someone falling on our property).  

We bundled up and went outside.  The plan was that Dh would shovel and snow blow (that was one of our best-ever investments!) and the kids and I would make a snowman.  The snowman didn't work - while the snow was wet, I just couldn't get it to pack properly.  I seem to be hopeless at making snowmen and the snow never seems to be right.  I'm hoping it's the snow, not me!

We had fun making snow angels, throwing snow and watching LB look like the little brother in "A Christmas Story" - his mobility was seriously limited and he and I fought a lot about his mitts.  They are  wonderfully warm but rather bulky (I bought the size up since they were expensive enough that I didn't want to have to buy another pair next year - perhaps a mistake).

We had a lovely nap together (nothing like fresh air) and as a special treat, we went into town for dinner at "the" Chinese buffet restaurant.  The food was o.k. but we don't have to wait for service, which, for Little Bean, is huge.  They also have fountains and fish tanks, another thing that can stretch our meal past 20 minutes.  The best part - Dh took me to Wild Birds Unlimited to buy a squirrel-proof feeder, which I have wanted for ages.  I LOVE birds in winter but to date, we tend to only really attract squirrels.

If only I didn't have to pay bills, I could really get used to these days together as a family!

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