Monday, May 17, 2010

Freedom Day!

Today was my first day of mat leave and I have to say, it was WONDERFUL. I have been feeling so useless lately - going to work and getting through just the most basic of home duties was wiping me out completely. Yes, I am still wiped today but on the other hand, I got some much done that has been hanging over my head.
My list today included:
-gave the dogs a good walk
-went to the pool, bought my swim pass and had a 30 minute swim (if you have not had a swim in a salt-water pool when you are hugely pregnant, you have missed one of God's greatest gifts - it felt SO good to have the gravity off my poor body and feel like I actually had some mobility)
-went to the educational supply store and bought a few things that I wanted to try with Pk (watch for a post on that soon)
-wrote my birth plan (not a big deal but something my doula suggested)
-did my online pre-registration for the hospital and got all the insurance stuff worked out (for a country with public health care, sorting out the private room stuff seems ridiculously complicated but at least it's done)
-got some baby clothing sorted and put away
-knit for an hour and watched a show that has been saved on the PVR since February
-had a nap (lovely, just lovely)
-made a rhubarb custard pie as a thank you gift for our next door neighbours

Whew, makes me tired just reading the list but it feels so good to have gotten it all done. Sadly, the list for tomorrow is pretty long, too, but if I can keep this up, just for this week, I should be ready to take a bit more of a break. Hooray!

Baby, just hang in there another two weeks or so and we should be just right to meet you!


  1. Sounds divine. Even if it is a day full of busy, it feels SO good to cross some things off the list and feel less harried! I think I may need a week or two myself, but it'll have to wait until... August?

  2. Could you sneak in a "mental health" sick day? I know you push it really hard in terms of schedule these days.

  3. I had to come here to see how you were and what is going on with baby two..yahooo..about maternity leave...What a summer. How awesome.

  4. Oh, I LOVE those days when you can get a whole load of things done! I wish I could do more, but alas... it's a bit more difficult now. And the swimming sounds so wonderful! I SO want to go swimming in a saltwater pool... but we don't have any in the area.

    Happy Freedom Day to you, haha.