Friday, May 7, 2010

Recipe Round-Up

I have been having fun trying new recipes and I thought I would share links to a few favourites from the last week. Enjoy!

I never thought that I could cook fish in the crockpot. I have tried two of Stephanie's recipes from A Year of Slow Cooking and both were wonderful. This week, we tried her Foil Packet Tilapia and it was delicious and the house smelled wonderful (not something I often say with fish!).

Dh is a real meat and potatoes man so when I saw this recipes for meatballs in a horseradish gravy, we had to try them. While they took a while to prepare, they fed us for two nights and were yummy with buttered, whole wheat noodles and a salad. While I am at it, another recipe I tried from this blog not too long ago and ADORED was this Potato Pie. Not exactly "health food" but very yummy and great as part of a meal for company.

On Tuesday, Pk and I were home together and I realised that while she and I have made muffins together many times, we have never actually made cookies. I wanted to find something low in sugar and these Banana Oatmeal Cookies were perfect - whole grains, no sugar and yummy. Dh didn't think they were very sweet but I thought they were great. I love the recipes at Mothering when I am looking for something healthy.

I don't know how much longer I will be doing much cooking but I will try to keep up with the new recipes as long as I can. I love discovering new meals so I can keep things from getting boring!

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