Monday, July 11, 2011

H.P., Month 2, Week 1 Check In

This has been a great week. I have gotten so much done. Just a reminder, the plan for this month was to clear clutter.

This past week, I went into overdrive on the baby stuff. I have bins and bins of clothing that I had been saving. As you know if you have been around here for a while, Dh and I had been waffling a bit about whether there would be a third baby around here. Much as my heart would love another and I wish we had a bigger family (I have always had dreams of a big family!), based on our finances and our lifestyle, being a family with two children works for us. Now that I have come to terms with that, it was time to get rid of stuff.

Luckily for me, I know wonderful people who are perfect for the stuff. Pk's music teacher had a baby boy a month ago (his birthday is one day after Little Bean and he was huge like LB so LB's stuff is perfect for him), a friend at church just had a little girl and her other child is a boy so there isn't much pink in her house and we have a friend with a gorgeous 4 month old who is the perfect recipient of the 6 month stuff. I had fun sorting through the bins and pulling a few sentimental favourites to keep forever and then packing up for the recipients. Everyone has been really grateful (I remember how much I loved the lending/giving of clothing to us when money was so tight and growth was happening so quickly) and I think that in some ways, it has been more fun for me than for them. I also have a huge pile of stuff to either be sold on Craigslist or to go into a yard sale later in the summer.

The recipe binder also has gotten some attention although it isn't done yet and I have cleared numerous surfaces. Our house is not anywhere near as clean as I want it to be but it feels good to be on the right track.

This aspect of The Happiness Project is definitely working for me (although the fact that I am off work for the summer also really helps).


  1. I am busy purging out my middle of my basement, where all the crap lives, so that I can fit all my stuff coming back from work down there and still take up less space. I can't believe the stuff down there! I'm so ready to part with it now. Feels good!

  2. Yay for clearing clutter! I've got the HP book waiting for me at the library - hope to pick it up tomorrow.

  3. As soon as I finally got rid of our baby stuff I got pregnant with número 3. Be warned!!! Such a blessing for us though. :)


  4. Well, Lora, I don't think we will be having number 3 - number 2 would have to sleep and not nurse all night for that to happen and at this point, there's no sign of any change in that department (too much information, I am sure!)
    Purging is definitely fun!