Monday, July 11, 2011

The Secret!

I read other knitters/crocheters blogs and I get so jealous when I hear that they have gone to the beach/park/in the yard and the kids play and they craft. That never happens for me. It's, "Mummy, I need you to..." or Baby Bean (maybe he should just be "Little Bean" now, as someone pointed out that he isn't really a baby anymore) gets really fussy. Well, my marvelous husband has given me back my knitting! He bought the kids a pool the other day and set it up on the deck. They love it and I can sit and knit and lifeguard and everyone is happy. Who knew that a $20 pool could save my sanity?


  1. I keep begging Cuinn to let me get a pool for Aislynn in the backyard. His response is, "She's too young. Next year."


    Enjoy your pool!!

  2. Yay!!! Looks pink, what are you knitting?

  3. Gin, it's a sweater for Pk. Here's a link to see the finished product:

    I have knit for years and struggled to keep my interest through an entire sweater. I am loving knitting for the littles since I can finish something in a reasonable amount of time. I am not sure whether she will wear a short sleeved sweater much but I think this one is so cute!