Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Wednesdays are super-busy around here.  We have swimming lessons and soccer and this week, with VBS, it was an insane day.  We dropped Pk at VBS and then went into town.  There was a friend to whom I had leant a bunch of girls' clothes before we knew for sure that we were done and she returned them all.  All of the older stuff is going to a friend but the younger stuff is too small for her girlie so we decided to try and sell some of it.  I love shopping at the second hand store - I buy Gymboree, Gap and other premium brands for a third of the cost and they have some really lovely stuff.  They are really stingy when it comes to buying though and I got almost nothing for pristine Gymboree stuff.  I was a bit disappointed.  LB, on the other hand, discovered this trampoline the second we entered the store and he was in heaven.  We couldn't get him off and when another child approach, he warned, "MINE!"  We broke down and bought it for him since he jumped on it the entire time I browsed.

 The church were Pk is going to VBS is much older than the church we go to.  I grew up in old churches and sometimes I miss that musty, dusty, slightly stale plumbing smell of old churches.  This church is FILLED with the smell.  I am sure it would be disgusting to someone who didn't have my history with old churches but for me, it's a lovely trip down memory lane.

I got some great stuff at the second hand store for the kids.  I love dressing LB in clothes that are smaller versions of what daddy wears - rugby shirts, small plaids, preppy t-shirts.  I know the day will come when he refuses to wear what I want him to but in the meantime, I'm going to take advantage of it.  Pk got some lovely stuff, too.  I was good and restrained myself from buying more dresses.  Everyone tells me that the stage of the dress will pass but thus far, there's no sign of that yet.  I just love the fact that I can buy a huge bag of stuff for the kids that's all good quality and not have spent very much!

 Swim lessons were fun.  LB is loving them and is a pro.  It's such a change from Pk at that stage.  She was really nervous about water in her face and we used to call it "No class" since that's what she said to everything I or the instructor asked her to do.  LB is showing much, much more athletic ability than his sister and he thinks it's all a big joke.  He loves it and plays hard the entire class.  Two of the other kids cried through the class but not LB!
 LB is also in heaven because it's a big sports complex.  On Mondays, he gets to watch lacrosse when Pk is doing her lesson and today, he got to watch basketball, ice hockey and ball hockey.  If he has a quarter of the ability that he has interest, I have a feeling I will be spending a great deal of time in arenas.

 Wednesday evening is our picnic before soccer and this was no exception.  The weather was perfect and our soccer field this week was in the shade.

 Pk is getting more involved in the games and actually caught up to the ball and kicked it several times tonight during the game part of the evening.  It was pretty exhausting for me though, since I spent much of the evening chasing LB off the field.
 Lb and R go to daycare together and they are showing signs of being the terrible twosome.  Both are adorable and both are downright crafty.
 Watching this, I have visions of future trouble!

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