Saturday, July 14, 2012


We had a wonderful day.  In the morning, we were excited to go to Pk's VBS final concert.  Like so many kids, she holds what happens in her day pretty tightly to herself and I'm nosy so it drives me crazy.  It was nice to get to see what they had been doing and which friends she had made.  The concert was sweet and I could tell that she had LOVED every minute.  It brought back memories to me of things like camp when I was a kid, when you spent a week intensively with new friends and then, when it was over, it felt so strange to think that it was over and you wouldn't be seeing them all the time.

After lunch, homework and naps, we went out to run errands.  Pk has been desperate for a "pony party" for her birthday in September.  At first, she just wanted a "My Little Pony" themed party but that has turned into an intense desire to have a party involving ponies.  I wasn't sure it was possible and then, we managed to find a local stable that has parties.  We went today to drop the cheque off.  We were so impressed!  We got a tour of the barn, the riding ring and the party room.  Pk was introduced to several lovely ponies and horses and I think it just intensified her desire to ride.  LB made it clear that he felt that these horses were monstrous beasts - I don't imagine he will be in a hurry to ride!  I have to say, I am really, really excited about this party!

 When we got home, it was really hot and humid and our "Larry sprinkler" came from mom so we decided to give it a try.  It kept tipping over but at least our lawn got a good watering.

Finally, our good friend A arrived with dinner.  There's a barbecue place in the big town that is supposed to be one of the top ones in the big city area.  I don't eat meat on the bone but they had a grilled chicken breast sandwich which was divine.  According to Dh, the ribs and chicken wings were great, too.  Our friend borrows Chelsea for obedience and they had a run through out front.  We had people stopping on the street to watch them!

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