Tuesday, July 17, 2012


We haven't had much time for just hanging around the house and yet again, we wouldn't have time.  Dh had to go out and run errands and the kids and I set off for the library.  Tuesday mornings is the "drop in" and we certainly wanted to "drop in".  One of the things I miss most about being off on mat leave was being about to do library programmes with my kids.  It's a small thing but I loved the weekly time with my kids and books and music.  How can it get better than that?  I didn't take many photos since there were so many kids and I couldn't post photos but at one point, before a song, the kids stood up to get ready to march and Pk took her brother's hand to lead him off.  It was very sweet.

In the afternoon, Dh had an eye appointment and he knew that he would need me to drive.  I don't normally allow the kids to play at the "play place" at the mall.  I find that the kids can be very rough and the parents aren't much better.  Since we had to pass the time while Dh was getting seen, it seemed like the right place to go.  The kids had a blast.  LB had fun on the slide, over and over and over again. Pk, as usual, within seconds of arriving, had a posse of kids playing an elaborate make-believe game.  I can't believe that other kids don't find her bossy but they seem really drawn to her and she makes friends wherever she goes.  These days, it's all about being superheros and good guys and bad guys and adventures and the other kids can't wait to be involved.  She ran hard for almost an hour and was sweaty and happy when the time was done.

I'd had several friends tell us about Booster Juice - I don't go to the mall much and don't know much about these trends but, since Dh wasn't done yet, it seemed like a good thing to try.  I have to say, the original, which was strawberry, orange and banana with yogurt was amazing.  Supposedly there is no sugar added but I have a hard time believing that something so yummy can be healthy.
After a quick dinner, we had to use up even more time while Dh's glasses were being prepared.  LB fell in love with the family at Old Navy, especially the dog.  We had to pry him away.

Towards the end, I was getting desperate and we went to ride the escalator.  I didn't think and discovered that the new Disney store was at the bottom and Pk had to go.  As you probably already know, I have very mixed feelings about Disney.  I don't like the gender stereotyping, I actively dislike some of the princesses and the princess messages (don't get me started on Pocahontas) and I don't like the way that their marketing manipulated kids.  That being said, they really do know how to create a magical experience and the sales staff were so kind to the kids.  The magic mirror was really exciting and it was also really touching to see how Pk took care of her brother.

We broke down and agreed to one stuffy each.  Pk immediately settled in on a small puppy from 101 Dalmations.  She's a big fun of little stuffies and has quite a large collection.  LB took some time to decide but then settled on Tramp from Lady and the Tramp.  It is very soft and has since been fully adopted into LB's world.  It's gone with us on drives, sleeps in his bed and even came to soccer.  I think we have a new lovie.

It's hard not to smile at a boy and his dog.

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