Saturday, April 13, 2013

Little Joys

All day Wednesday, the weather forecast was predicting impending doom and Thursday, schools buses were cancelled and there was much hype.  As so often happens, the storm did not live up to its billing.  We had a bit of wet snow and that was it.

Friday morning was another story.  We woke up to an icy world - the trees were covered (and I was not able to get a lovely photo of it) and my dogs skated across the deck.  There were two joys - one the beauty of the morning and the other, making it to work in one piece, despite the fact that nothing was cancelled (probably out of embarrassment for the the day before).  So many people are so discouraged by the fact that spring isn't here yet but not me - I suppose I am lucky in that I don't mind the cold as long as the days are lighter and longer and we are definitely getting that.

I didn't get any photos but another joy is that my mother is here.  She took us out for a lovely dinner last night and she treated each child to something from the store.  I feel so lucky that my children have this time with their grandparents.  I only got to know two of mine and even then, they had both passed on by the time I was 12 and my children have a much better chance of plenty of time with their grandparents.  What a gift!

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