Monday, April 8, 2013

Little Joys

One of my favourite dreams every year is that of an abundant garden.  I love flowers and I dream of an English garden - flowers everywhere and all wonderful for cutting so that I can always have some in the house.  That would be fine if I had decent sun in a southern exposure anywhere on our property but given that I am struggling with either east or west exposure and trees on the property (which makes it pretty!), my options are limited.  That being said, I still love doing what I can.

This year, my dream is to do two things - 1. a container herb garden (and I may take a bit of space out back where my dogs go, which does get more sun) and 2. a container flower garden on our south deck (which I'd like to turn into a little oasis off our bedroom).  Who knows whether I will actually accomplish it but the dreams are wonderful and it's fun getting the kids involved in planting the seeds.  Today was the day.

We planted chives, basil, kale, arugula, nasturtiums, four o'clocks, sweet peas, morning glories and parsley.  Here's hoping that they grow.  It is fun trying, anyway.  As you can see, we also got some pansies (which I love), which were very root bound so we got them transplanted.

Another pleasure?  A new recipe for stewing beef that actually tastes great!  Normally, we don't even use it for stew since neither dh or I like it but it comes as part of our farm share.  I have see searching and finally found something that everyone liked (and Pk asked to have it again!)  Here's the recipe (I don't use packaged soup, in Healthy Meals for Less, there is a terrific recipe for homemade onion soup powder that is all natural and I control the salt but you would never know the difference in recipes).  It simmered so when we came in from a cold walk with the dogs, the house smelled amazing!  What a treat.

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