Saturday, April 27, 2013

Little Joys

I think that the nicest gifts are the ones that are totally unexpected, especially when they are so thoughtful and really reflect someone's knowledge of me.  I got two of those this week.

The first one was from someone at work.  Last week, she had gone to a "tea" fundraiser and she needed a fancy hat.  Apparently, the secretaries at work were discussing it and immediately decided that I would be the perfect person to ask.  I do have rather a hat fetish and the more historical, the better.  I took her in two of my favourites and she wore one to her tea.  Totally unexpectedly, she brought me in three vintage paper dollhouses that she had for her daughter that she thought Pk might like.  I loved paper dolls as a child (that was something that my grandmother and I shared) and Pk is just like me, she loves dress up and making up stories.  I was so touched and already, Pk and I have had fun with them.  One is from "The Secret Garden", which happens to be a book that I love that I want to read to Pk (and I'm dying to get the movie from the 90's on DVD - it was marvellous).

My other lovely treat was this rose perfume, which was totally unexpected.  When I was a child, my mother had a friend from work who I adored.  She was Irish, elegant and so very kind.  She was also wealthy in a way that I had never seen.  She was soft and sweet and exotic to a poor kid from the east end.  I will always remember a Christmas open house to which we were invited.  I don't remember her house clearly but I do remember the multiple fireplaces burning, elegant dishes of nuts in the their shells and the lovely smell.  I always associated her with the smell of roses.

She moved far away and we lost contact.  She has recently moved back to the city and she and mom have reconnected.  Mom mentioned to her that I remembered her wearing the rose perfume and that I have always loved roses since.  Well, last week, this was sent to me from her.  It's lovely and reminds me exactly of how she smelled.  I will treasure it because of the giver.

A last little joy?  Pk at her desk.  She spent house here this morning playing with her paper ponies.  I have always loved my desk and have spent many hours there.  I'm so glad that Pk feels the same way!

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