Monday, April 15, 2013

Little Joys

When I was very young, my family had a wonderful next-door neighbour who I called "Auntie Marion."  She was truly an amazing woman.  She was raising three children on her own after her husband had left her.  She had chronic health problems and couldn't work outside the home but she babysat me off and on while my mom was at school/work and dad was working and she took in borders into her house.  I adored her.

One thing that I look back on with Auntie Marion is the absolutely amazing way that she created bounty with nothing.  Every Christmas, she would bake cookies and give them to everyone.  These weren't cookies, these were COOKIES!  She had a garden and she canned and preserved and everything just melted in your mouth.  To this day, I can't resist buying certain kinds of cookie tins at yard sales because they remind me of her tins that she would use to give us those cookies.  Each one was a mouth full of her love.

I had a friend deliver a dinner for me yesterday since she knew I was going to have a hard week.  The food was yummy but to me, the container was even yummier.  Vintage casseroles like this one remind me so much of Auntie Marion and her love.  It's a symbol for me of taking care of each other, of giving what we have selflessly and of connection.  I'm sappy, I know, but just looking at this on the counter makes me feel just that little bit safer in the world.

And on a much shallower note...

1.  The family pedicure last night - even Lb had to be a part - he chose the pink glitter polish for HIS nails

 2.  Running the dogs.  I adore the fact that we have natural spaces like this within 5 minutes of home.  I'm also grateful that I have dogs who force me to get out, even when I don't really want to.

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