Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Little Joys

I love my crocuses (croci?).  They seem to come out of nowhere - on Sunday, I looked for them and there was no sign of them and then today, there was this riot of purple.  For me, this is the true sign of spring.

Two other joys today - 1.  that my children are healthy and thriving.  I did J.K. screenings today and there was a child that came in who was very obviously severely autistic and the mother didn't seem to have a clear idea that something was wrong.  Autism is such a horrible condition, especially in its severest forms and the road for that family, as they come to terms with the struggles that their child will face, will be a tough one.

2.  That I have everyone in my family in one piece.  My heart goes out to all impacted by the tragedy in Boston.  It just seems so wrong to have people who have no connection to whatever the issue is hurt (which, I guess, is no different than all of the innocent people caught in conflicts around the world - what a reminder that we need to work harder to protect the weak and to prevent armed conflicts in the world).  So many people are suffering in so many ways.  It makes me so sad.

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