Saturday, March 7, 2015

The Fringe Hours - Ch. 5 - Finding Your Inspiration

Ooooh, I loved this chapter.  I am a list maker, I LOVE making lists and I've always had notebooks of lists of every kind kicking around my world (I think it comes from when I read Anastasia K. by Lois Lowrey in public school!)  Anyway, today I read chapter five, which was all about finding out how to care for yourself and what are the things that make you happy.  She had all kinds of questions about what makes one tick and I thought I might list some of them here, just for fun.

Hobbies I have enjoyed in the past:
-knitting (still one one my favourites)
-quilting (I'd love to do more but I have to get some sewing skills under my belt)
-cross stitch (I just don't have the time for this and I'm too impatient)
-scrapbooking (I want to go back to the days when I just stuck things that we did in a book and maybe wrote a few comments and kept momentos - I got too caught up in all the cool bling and it actually really turned me off why I was doing it)
-drinking tea
-blogging/reading blogs
-hiking with my dogs
-field work/training with the dogs
-reading (going to the library and browsing and the excitement of a pile of books waiting to be read is definitely one of my favourite things)
-music - playing/listening to classical, jazz
-creating/crafting more generally
-anything to do with birds
-vintage/second hand shopping

Inspiration Board:
The idea is to create a board of things that somehow are inspiring, either as an actual board or on Pinterest.  I haven't been using Pinterest for much other than teaching stuff lately.  I'm thinking that I'd like to set up an inspiration board and I'll start pinning anything that tickles my fancy there to see if it gets me connecting to what I love.  To get me going, here's a list of my favourite things, randomly:
 -plaid wool blankets
-tea and teapots
-books, books and books
-horse barns (I love the quiet and the smells)
-cable knitting
-picking apples
-pink English roses
-sweet peas
-fresh veggies
-homemade soup
-cozy socks
-nice body lotion
-Romantic era classical music
-vintage jazz
-historical documentaries
-hunt tests (a dog thing)
-Brittany Spaniels/ hunting dogs
-evening church services
-Christmas Eve
-the smell of the Christmas tree
-birds at my feeder
-open water

Reading my lists makes me feel that I'm rather boring but at least there's the start of two lists for me to help me recapture what I'd like to be doing.  What would be on your list?  I'd love other ideas!

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