Friday, December 2, 2016

Advent Week 1 Friday

Back in December of 1991, I met this guy in some of my classes when we were doing the music degree.  He seemed nice and we chatted and laughed.  Friends tried to set us up but I was clueless and he was shy.  Finally, on Dec. 2nd, he asked me to go to a lovely little German cafe called Cafe Mozart and we had coffee and cake and a lovely chat.  We don't exactly consider that our first date because at the time, I had no idea it was a date - I just thought we were going to get coffee and chat.  Then, on December 16th, he took me to Swiss Chalet (a Canadian institution - the place you go with your grandma or after church for Christian chicken but also a place that, while we may joke about it, most Canadians will visit several times a year and have a comfort food meal).  That was the day that we consider as the day that we started "going out."

Every year, on December 2nd(ish), we go out for a Swiss Chalet meal in honour of that outing.  At least one of us usually gets the "Festive Special" and we chat and remember.  It's amazing when I think of our lives back then and all of the things that I never imagined for myself.  This year, we didn't have a sitter so the kids came with us.  It's an Advent institution for us and a way to honour the wonderful time we have spent together.  It was especially nice that it happened on a Friday evening so we could not rush quite so much and try to savour the small moments.

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